1. For those interested in submitting their novel to Liberty Island for consideration, please contact us here with a brief query describing your book. If it sounds like a title we may potentially be interested in considering then we will respond via email. Please be prepared to submit to us A) a full copy of your manuscript in PDF or Microsoft Word format, B) a detailed plot summary, and C) any additional relevant information such as an author bio, links to social media and websites, and/or outlines of further books in a series. We are not able to respond to all queries
2. Liberty Island is primarily interested in publishing genre novels and books that are part of a series or trilogy. However, literary novels, standalone titles, and other formats such as short story collections, memoirs, and culturally-oriented non-fiction books will still be considered.
3. Liberty Island does not have an ideological litmus test for its books or authors. Writers with a wide variety of world-views are encouraged to submit their work.

Once we receive a manuscript for evaluation it will be considered by one or more of three editors who each have the following specialties and editorial interests:

David M. Swindle, Webmaster and Senior Editor, joined Liberty Island in May of 2015. He previously worked as associate editor of PJ Media from 2011-2015 where he grew the PJ Lifestyle vertical, and associate editor of FrontPageMag from 2009-2011 where he developed the media criticism site NewsReal Blog as its managing editor. He currently works as Director of Research for The Israel Group, Southern California associate of the Counter-Islamist Grid, and fellow for Islamist Watch. David double-majored in English (creative writing emphasis) and Political Science, graduating from Ball State University in 2006. After years of feeling torn between creative work and political activism David now embraces the late Andrew Breitbart’s aphorism that “Politics is downstream from culture.”

As a novel editor David will consider books of any genre or type. His current areas of strongest interest include science fiction, fantasy, thriller/suspense, hard boiled detective and crime, horror, westerns, historical, alternate history, speculative, cultural satire, and religious fiction.

Jay Merwin, Senior Editor, is a recovering lawyer and former newspaper reporter and copy editor now given over to editing and occasional ghostwriting. As such, he trains his gimlet eye mostly on novels and magazine articles. Originally from New England, he has lived in Baltimore for the past several years.

Having landed on Liberty Island in 2014, Jay pursues his editorial interests primarily in detective, thriller, mystery and literary novels. The reason behind the preferences, other than the subjectivity of personality, is that he finds in these genres the richest opportunities for plot and character design and development.

By day, Associate Editor Oren Litwin is a Research Fellow with the Middle East Forum. By night, Oren dreams of using writing and the power of crowds to make the world a better place. Oren worked first in financial advising, and then earned his PhD from George Mason University and taught political science at the United States Naval Academy before moving to his current position at MEF.

At Liberty Island, Oren handles war/military fiction across genres (historical, science-fiction, fantasy, coming-of-age, etc.), as well as post-apocalyptic fiction and more geeky work like Gearpunk and Gamer Lit. You can check out some of his preferences as an editor in this post.
The Liberty Island website also publishes reviews, blog posts, interviews, and cultural essays. Contact us if you would like to submit your work and/or contribute regularly.