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4 Photos From a Father-Son Fishing Trip

*Submit your photographs of nature and the outdoor life to [email protected] to participate in this weekly feature exploring the natural world.*

Smart Aleck Appliances

I first encountered the horror stories of smart appliances when a client presented a list of error codes and requested articles on how to troubleshoot the errors. Ideally, they’d fix things themselves, but the articles would inform them when it was necessary to call for service or replace parts. In my research for the articles, I realized how much of a headache smart appliances are relative to their dumb counterparts. Here are a few of my observations.

Many glitches and errors can be solved via a reboot the same way we reset our phones and reboot our computers … but most smart appliances lack an easy reset button. A hard reboot of a computer is turning it off and back on. A hard reboot of your smart fridge is unplugging it from the wall, while your smart oven may only be reset by turning it off at the breaker.

The Greatest Conservative Films: Man of Steel (2013)

Editor’s Note: In April of 2017 writer Eric M. Blake began a series at Western Free Pressnaming the “Greatest Conservative Films.” The introduction explaining the rules and indexing all films included in the series can be found here. Liberty Island will feature cross-posts of select essays from the series with the aim of encouraging discussion at this cross-roads of cinematic art with political ideology. (Click here to see the original essay. Check out the previously cross-posted entries on Jackie Brown, Captain America: The First AvengerCaptain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil WarUnforgivenHail, Caesar!, Apocalypse Now, and Fight Club.) If you would like join this dialogue please contact us at submissions [@] libertyislandmag.com.


Red Sunset: How Movies, Punk Rock and Cosmic Girl Helped Me Win the Cold War

The author now reveals himself as the first chapters are collected and published here.

Sarah Hoyt Proclaims: “We Are The Counterculture”

Check Out the Sci-Fi-Fantasy Author’s Fascinating Manifesto

From PJ Media’s Lifestyle section:

If you’re as old as I am, or a little younger, you probably remember the counterculture from the seventies (I was too young to remember it from the sixties.) The word will bring to mind greasy little cafes and the sort of “free papers” where the comics have a lot of naked people.  The articles will have lots of swear words and sometimes mild blasphemy against Christianity and religion in general.

PreTeena: August 6 – August 12, 2018

Sunday Comics!

You won’t want to miss these hilarious cartoons depicting the ups and downs of adolescence. Now each week’s strips will debut on Sundays as the lead strip of Liberty Island’s Sunday Comics feature. If you draw a comic and would like to have your work featured on Sundays, please contact us: [email protected] Check out Allison Barrows’ new PreTeena blog here.

Fishing for Lake Trout off the Old Mission Peninsula, Traverse City, Michigan

*Submit your photographs of nature and the outdoor life to [email protected] to participate in this weekly feature exploring the natural world.*

Interview: Mike Baron Talks Comics, Culture, and Conservatives with Mark Tapson at FrontPageMag

By Mark Tapson: Recently I read a page-turner of a new novel with the eye-catching title Sons of Bitches, which centers on a young Jewish artist who releases a comic book boldly depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammad. This naturally makes her a target for outraged Muslim fundamentalists, and their death threats force her to hire former biker hoodlum-turned-private investigator Josh Pratt. Justice, revenge, and mayhem ensue.

This is obviously a reflection of the real-life experiences of such artists as Mollie Norris, who apparently still remains in hiding years after merely suggesting an Everybody Draw Muhammad Day, and frequent FrontPage Mag artist, former Muslim Bosch Fawstin, who was targeted by terrorists at the Draw Muhammad event in Texas a couple of years ago (a contest which Fawstin won). And then, of course, there was the massacre of twelve employees at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris in response to their “blasphemous” depiction of Muhammad on the magazine cover. Violating Islamic blasphemy laws comes with a high price – but so does submitting to them.

5 Pros, 7 Cons, and 2 Questions For Information Appliances

Pros: * If you would have trouble typing something, whether due to a disability like Parkinson’s or simply busy at that home, you can still make queries or place orders.

* Visually impaired? Access to information and services is readily available to you.

* You get directions in a readily understood manner without taking your eyes off the road or the cook pot.

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